The W6ZN amateur repeaters are located 45 miles NNE of the city of San Diego, California at an elevation of 5600' ASL, on Palomar Mountain, home of the Palomar Observatory. Excellent signal coverage into San Diego and throughout most of San Diego County, with limited coverage into Mexico and the greater LA area. These are privately owned open repeaters.

Both machines decode and encode PL tone. Using the CTCSS (PL encode/decode) setting on your radio will block out distant repeaters on your receiver.

IRLP access on the 449.300 MHz UHF repeater is open to all licensed amateurs. This is a stand-alone IRLP node NOT affiliated with the WIN System. Connect to another node by entering its four digit node number • Enter 73 to disconnect.

The 449.300 repeater supports analog input/output, or C4FM digital via System Fusion technology.